This opportunity to interact and create as a part of our experienced and passionate team will require ambition, dedication and the desire to constantly improve. 

To be a member of the Production Team requires you to be creative, market savvy and enthusiastic about your work every day. Benefits include access to: medical; 401k; paid time off; extended parental leave; etc. & of course, access to great beer.


  • Minimum of two years’ experience in brewing and/or distilling

  • Other related experience/credentials/training/seminar certificates are a plus

  • Working knowledge of brewery safety & health regulations and production best practices

  • Leadership experience & production team building are a plus


  • Assume increased responsibility as delegated by our Head Brewer or GM in all production processes

  • Well versed in scheduling, brewing, cellaring, packaging operations/best practices

  • Supervise & train team members and manage brewery resources to meet objectives

  • Demonstrate quality control analysis and problem-solving skills for any production related issues

  • Leadership skills for developing and training a growing team

  • Ability to work independently as well as coordinating with Hospitality and Sales/Marketing Teams

  • Represent the brewery at both local and national events

  • Coordinating operations including packaging, maintenance, quality control and shipping/receiving

  • Plan budgets, track inventory and records of raw materials

  • Responsibility for cleaning and maintaining all equipment

  • Initiate and maintain all required records of all beers produced

  • Recommend the introduction of new and/or different methods of production

  • Understand (and some experience) in recipe formulation and development

  • Assist in sourcing new suppliers and ongoing review of existing ones

  • Create and/or assist in creating new recipes for unique specialty beers that will appeal to our customers and enhance sales seasonally

  • Create and/or assist in the design of product labels and/or marketing materials

  • Ability to thrive in our hard-working, dynamic Rockwell Beer Co. family environment

  • Other similar and related duties as assigned


  • Production Manager

  • Brew Lead

MarketingJay David