Let's Talk About Acid


Today, we debut our first quick sour beer, Patio Potion #1 with Passion Fruit and Guava.

A Few Words on Acidity in Our Beer:

Like many of the brewers who continue to inspire us, we want to draw clear distinctions about the methods we use to achieve acidity in our beers.

Our quick sours, like Patio Potion #1, are just that—quick—and are created by naturally acidifying the wort with a blend of lactobacillus bacteria before boiling it and pitching our yeast. The result is a “clean” sour beer with a bright acidity similar to what you might find in a lightly sweetened glass of homemade lemonade.  This is what we’re trying to hit for these types of beers, but would be out of place in our mixed fermentation beers to come.

Our goal for our more traditional mixed fermentation beers will be to showcase the complex layers of acidity that lactobacillus and other lactic acid-producing bacteria can  only build slowly over months (and, in some cases, years) resting in oak and stainless along with a cocktail of house and captured yeasts. We’re creating these beers for nuance and contemplation.

We want to be transparent about our processes because they yield completely different results in terms of flavors and aromas, and the availability, packaging type, and price of these beers will be dictated by the methods we employ. Our quick sours beers will pop up more frequently on draft and in cans. They’re intended to be enjoyed fresh, so don’t sleep on them. Our other mixed fermentation beers by their very nature will be more limited, and will only be released after careful keg and bottle conditioning. Our hope for many of them is that they will continue to evolve gracefully over time with proper cellaring.

For a further reading, we recommend checking out this excellent article from John Laffler of Off Color Brewing in Chicago on the subject of wild versus sour in brewing.

We dig on all types of beers and we’ll always embrace the best way to grab the flavors we’re chasing. We just want to make sure you know where we’re coming from. Thanks for drinking Rockwell!