Alba: What's in a Name?


There is always a story behind the names of our beers. Today, we tell the tale of Alba Foeder Lager.

Finding New Ways to Keep It Cool


Alba* is short for Quercus Alba, the scientific classification for White Oak, a tree harvested from Missouri forests and whose wood is prized the world over for use in wine, spirits, and yes, beer barrels. Or in our case, a finely crafted lagering foeder made right here in Saint Louis from our pals at Foeder Crafters


It's our first foray into lagering in native Missouri White Oak. Instead of creating Alba with an established style in mind, we built a grist intended to complement the character of the wood.

Floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner and Munich malts create an impression of freshly baked bread to support the rich vanilla cream and subtle marshmallow of the oak. The foeders also provide a balanced yet bracing tannin that supplements the spicy snap of Czech Saaz hops, which were added with a heavy hand throughout the boil. 


The result is light, distinct, and perfect for summer. We can't wait to share it with you! And stay tuned, you won't have to wait long to taste what the foeders give us next.

*Taxonomical sharpshooters will note that you typically don't list a species without its genus. However, after conferring with two MIT-educated scientists, we all agreed that nobody wants to order a "Quercus Alba" but an "Alba" sounded delightful. PhD free pass!