Polymath: What's in a Name?


There is always a story behind the names of our beers. Today, we tell the tale of Polymath Mixed Fermentation Saison

Finding New Ways to Do Old Things


By definition, a polymath is someone who has knowledge or skill at many things.


Without an ounce of personal boast, we named our spelt saison Polymath because the base recipe is versatile enough to work well in a variety of expressions: stainless-aged, pure culture fermentation, fruited, and in this case, a blend of stainless- and foeder-aged mixed fermentation saisons.


This first batch spent 4 months in a Missouri white oak foeder, made right here in Saint Louis from our pals at Foeder Crafters, with a blend of yeasts and bacteria before being blended with a stainless-aged version of the beer to balance the new oak character.


Now available in our tasting room for $15 a bottle.