Rockwell Beer Co.


Light & Crisp


We brewed this pale Mexican-style lager with a base of pilsner, vienna, and flaked corn to provide something clean and crushable. It's a perfect acccompaniment for tacos. Brewed for our friends at Taqueria Morita. (4.6%) 14oz


Passing Clouds

Three types of wheat create a light and fluffy base for a delicate combination of citrusy American and spicy German hops, along with a blend of coriander, Curaçao orange peel, and grains of paradise. It's bright, soft, and incredibly refreshing. (4.6%) 14oz


Crisp Chinos

A sizeable addition of jasmine rice creates a delicate floral note that's paired with a bright herbal citrus hop character. After extensive lagering, this crisper is meant to be crushed. Originally a collaboration brewed with Brooklyn, NY's own KCBC. (5.2%) 14oz


Stand By

Clean, crisp and infinitely drinkable. This is the first of our offerings to the Lager Gods. A smooth, cracker-like malt profile teams up with snappy bitterness that never overstays its welcome. (5.3%) 14oz



Salute! is our Italian Pilsner destined to be our anniversary beer. This beer is brewed with a base of Eraclea Malt (grown next to the Adriatic Sea just north east of Venice) and thoughtful but aggressive additions of Zuper Saazer, Saphir and Tettnang hops in the kettle, whirlpool and as a dry-hop addition. This beer starts with a honey-sweet character, followed by string floral citrus and spice notes, and finishes dry. (5%) 14oz



Midwest Swing

Neither East Coast nor West Coast, but somewhere right in the middle of the map. Kinda juicy, kinda dank, kinda hazy, and a touch bitter. Loaded up in the kettle and fermentation tank with a healthy blend of Citra, Ekuanot, and Nugget. Notes of the first good peaches of the season, pineapple juice, flowers, and orange fluff. (7.2%) 12oz


Hitch-hiking in California

Hitchhiking in California is the West Coast IPA you've been seeking. Leaning heavily on Amarillo hops, with supporting additions of Chinook, Centennial, and Ahtanum, this is bright and bitter with aromas of orange Nerds, lime, grapefruit, and soft cedar. (7.2%) 12oz


Velour Tracksuit

A swank combination of fresh Strata, Mosaic, and Simcoe brings to mind freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, the stickiest strawberry, and the Baker’s Dozen Lawn Boy. (7.7%) 12oz


Fruity, Funky, & Tart


Foeder Spelt Saison (6.1%) 12oz


Patio Potion: Plum

Berliner Weisse with Red Plum (3.2%) 12oz


Foeder Maibock

Foeder Maibock (6.8%) 14oz





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The Pinot Project

Pinot Grigio



italian red

$9 / $35

Tinto Rey



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La Croix

sparkling mineral water


Coma Coffee Cold Brew


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