Rockwell Beer Co.


Light & Crisp

Passing Clouds

Three types of wheat create a light and fluffy base for a delicate combination of citrusy American and spicy German hops, along with a blend of coriander, Curaçao orange peel, and grains of paradise. It's bright, soft, and incredibly refreshing. (4.6%) 14oz


Stand By

Clean, crisp and infinitely drinkable. This is the first of our offerings to the Lager Gods. A smooth, cracker-like malt profile teams up with snappy bitterness that never overstays its welcome. (5.3%) 14oz


Fish Fry

Dry and delicately floral without being fussy. This is our American drinking beer. (3.5%) 14oz



Velour Tracksuit

A swank combination of fresh Strata, Mosaic, and Simcoe brings to mind freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, the stickiest strawberry, and the Baker’s Dozen Lawn Boy. (7.7%) 12oz


Glutenburg (gluten Free)(can)

The American Pale Ale is Glutenberg’s first incursion in the universe of hoppy beers. A savoury concoction with citrusy notes, this beer perfectly showcases the brewery’s versatility. Its orange and grapefruit aromas softly temper the straight-up character of American hops by endowing it with a slight touch of bitterness. The result is a delectable, balanced, resinous and full-bodied beer.(5.5%)


Fruity, Funky, & Tart

Waves Cider - DRY / Pineapple (can)

Fruity with a hint of tart (6.0%)


And So it Goes

a bière de coupage--a blend of fresh, young beer and mature foeder beer--we created to celebrate our fourth anniversary. We took a thread of mature Polymath, our house foeder spelt saison, that we brewed at the beginning of 2022, and blended it with a thread of fresh Polymath that we fermented in stainless and dry-hopped with Amarillo, and Michigan Cascade, Crystal, and Zuper Saazer. (6.0%) 12oz




Extra Special Medium is an English Pale brewed with Amarillo and East Kent Goldings. Our annual collaboration with the inimitable Thomas Sanders.(5.4%) ABV 14oz



Rich cocoa, nutty malt, and roast set the tone for a balancing act of orange and apricot hops. (6%) ABV 14oz


Heavy Slabs

Heavy Slabs is our strong, hoppy brown ale hopped in the West Coast tradition with some of our favorite Michigan and Pacific Northwest Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Idaho 7 hops. The flavor is substantial, with notes of chocolate oranges, nougat, grapefruit zest, and toast. (8.5%) ABV 12oz



This German-style doppelbock is all about layers of malt complexity. Lots of toasted brown bready goodness, tootsie rolls, and hints of dried fruit. Finishes on the sweet side, but isn’t cloying. Doppelbocks were first brewed by Pauline monks in Munich to sustain themselves during times of fasting. This style is not a typical summer style, but sometimes you have a global pandemic and brew schedules get shifted around. But it’s a strong beer that will age gracefully. A deceptive (7.6%) ABV 12oz



Fuso Flora Bubbles


$9 / $35


Tinto Reyes (Draft)


3 Saints

Pinot Noir From Santa Barbara CA

$10 / $45

3 Saints

Cabernet Sauvignon From Santa Barbara CA

$12 / $48


Matchbook | California (DRAFT)

$9 / $36

Frozen Cocktails

Rotating Selections Daily


Classic Cocktails

Old Fashion, Negroni, Manhattan, Margharita, Mules, Martini $8-$10

Warm Drinks

Hot Chocolate $3
Add Baily's, Rimplmintz, Or Bourbon $4

Hot Toddy $9
Bourbon, Lemon, Honey Simple, Anise

Non-Alcoholic BEVERAGEs


coke | diet coke | Root Beer | Sprite


Topo Chico

sparkling mineral water


Coma Coffee Cold Brew

add Syrup $.75


Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects N/A (21+)

Amber or IPA